Choosing the Profile of Your Breast Implants

Millions of women the world over have undergone breast augmentation surgery, which involves placing breast implants within the chest area to enlarge breast size. Whether you’re looking to attain the measurements you’ve always dreamed of having or want a more pleasing symmetry in your body contour, breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Ukani can help you achieve the results you desire.

When meeting with Dr. Ukani, breast surgery Vancouver and breast surgery New Westminster patients will choose the profile best suited to them. The profile relates to how much the implants project from the chest wall. There are three profiles to choose from: low, moderate and high. High profile breast implants will project the furthest from the chest wall, while low profile breast implants project the least.

About Dr. Ukani

Patients looking to undergo breast lift procedures will often achieve wonderful, long lasting results when they combine a breast lift with breast augmentation surgery. We invite you to book an appointment with Dr. Ukani by completing our short online form or calling us at 604.522.2925 (or 1.866.522.2925). Dr. Ukani is a cosmetic surgery professional, helping women achieve the breast size they desire; and during your initial consultation, Dr. Ukani will help you decide which size, shape, profile and placement is best suited to you.

Other surgical procedures offered by The Rai Clinic Aesthetica can also be performed to enhance the total appearance.

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