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As skin loses its elasticity over the years, gravity can take its toll on a woman’s breasts. Breasts often lose their shape and firmness and thus begin to sag. Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure that uses implants to enlarge and shape the breasts. Although most breast augmentations were done using gel implants about 20 years ago, saline-filled implants were introduced over the last 10 years and now over 90 percent of patients prefer saline breast implants.

One of the primary differences between gel and saline implants is related to their removal. Removing gel implants, due to leakage, capsulectomy or other problems, can be a very difficult procedure as compared to the relatively easy removal of saline breast implants and the capsular structures around the implant.

The Rai Clinic Aesthetica has helped many breast surgery patients achieve the results they desire. This includes those patients who also undergo a mastopexy (or breastlift) in order to raise and reshape sagging breasts. In fact, breastlift surgery patients who also get implants tend to experience a longer lasting result. A breast surgery consultation  prior to surgery will determine which type of implant is best suited for you.

We also performs surgery to correct inverted nipples, facelift surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

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