Operation Rainbow Message From The President

As President, my job is to see that everything is running well at Operation Rainbow Canada (ORC). While we are a strong organization with an established record of successful missions over 14 years, the Membership and the Board still looks to me as a leader to help us improve our services to underprivileged children around the world.

I am very proud of the work we have done in the past and with the support of the Board of ORC, I constantly challenge the team to do even better. Luckily, we work with some of most caring and compassionate health professionals in the world. Our small team is 100% volunteer based and the funds we raised support our missions.

Aside from my plastic surgery practice, my time in Vancouver is spent with the Board to planning potential missions. I actively look for opportunities to network with international partners and assess where our services are needed. Other activities I am engaged in is the oversight of the progress of upcoming missions. On ORC missions, I lead the surgery team and this includes both surgical, training and mentoring roles. A mission is a fantastic opportunity for young medical professionals to be ‘seasoned’ in the field. This type of training offers many benefits – the overseas patient receives free surgery, Medical Resident gains new skills and knowledge and Canadian patients receive skilled specialists who serve them in their daily lives. There is also the long lasting impact of cross training with overseas medical practitioners and the sharing Canadian standards of medical practice. Our mission members are energized and renewed after each mission. We are filled with pride at the difference we made overseas and we return to our homes in Canada also filled with gratitude at how lucky we are to be able to help.

My vision for Operation Rainbow Canada is a continued legacy of excellence of medical missions to bring much needed free surgery to underprivileged children. I am very passionate about the value we bring to the future of these children and we are most grateful for the support of our friends, our families and our community.

We hope that you can join us in our journey to be the best in providing free reconstructive surgery to children in developing countries. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss.


Kimit Rai, MD, FRCSC

* Disclaimer: Results May Vary